Who we are

DNA@Home from Cellmark.
Quality, Value, Choice

An enviable history

Established in 1987, Cellmark was the UK’s first commercial DNA profiling laboratory and pioneered the introduction of DNA paternity testing to resolve paternity disputes. Now, almost 30 years later we are still at the forefront of paternity testing providing reliable, innovative and high quality DNA testing services.

We have now carried out relationship testing for over half a million people through solicitors, social workers and government departments, and directly to members of the public just like you.

At Cellmark we employ approximately 500 staff and in addition to paternity testing, we provide a comprehensive range of specialist forensic DNA services to most of the UK’s police forces who trust us with their most challenging cases. We have a history of innovation and service excellence, and an international reputation for quality of our work.

All of our DNA testing is carried out in our state-of-the-art accredited laboratories in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, here in the UK. We are also part of the largest paternity testing company in the world, which gives us access to a significant research and development capability to ensure that we can continue to provide leading quality, low prices and rapid results.

Consider this

Before requesting a DNA@Home paternity test please take time to consider the consequences for yourself and your family of undergoing testing, taking into account the best interests of the child.

Curiousity or Court

Before committing to DNA testing we recommend that you consider the possibility that you might end up in court to settle the matter in which case a court approved test may have been the best option.


Under the Human Tissue Act 2004, consent is required for a biological sample to be DNA tested to determine paternity or any other relationship. We are unable to proceed with testing without that consent.