DNA Maternity Testing

In DNA relationship testing the most common form of testing is to identify the potential father - but that isn't always the case. There are occasions where the requirement is to question of whether an individual is the biological mother of a child.

Maternity tests are most frequently used where a child has been adopted and as an adult has sought to find their birth mother. Once re-united a maternity test may be undertaken so their true biological relationship can be confirmed. Other, less common, instances of maternity testing include confirming the biological links to a child conceived by in vitro fertilisation

DNA@Home's Maternity test is for "curiousity" purposes only. If the results of such as test are going to be used in a legal matter they may not be accepted by the UK courts and we would urge you to visit our legal DNA maternity testing site - www.cellmark.co.uk.

Types of test
Relationship to be tested