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Aunt and/or Uncle Test Aunt and/or Uncle Test

Aunt and/or Uncle Test

Aunt and/or Uncle (Avuncular) Test - up to 3 people

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Important Information

Aunt / Uncle (Avuncular) testing is used to examine the relationship between a child and a possible aunt or uncle.  Inclusion of other close relatives in the test is always recommended.

This type of testing can be useful for establishing a relationship with a parent (such as a father) in situations where that parent is not available to be tested (the paternal aunt or uncle is therefore tested in place of the father).

It is possible to just compare the DNA profile of a child with an alleged aunt or uncle, however because of the patterns of DNA inheritance, it may not always reveal the true nature of the relationship or provide strong evidence.  To increase the likelihood of the DNA analysis being able to establish the relationship with a missing parent (such as the father) it is always advisable to include the mother of the child, if this is possible.

This type of analysis cannot provide conclusive evidence and can only report the most likely relationship ‘given the DNA evidence’.  Please note that DNA@Home's aunt/uncle test is for ‘curiosity’ purposes only; if the results are going to be used in a legal matter they may not be accepted by the UK courts and we would encourage you to visit our legal DNA testing site to order a test -

As with all our DNA relationship testing services we offer a Next Day DNA service at no extra cost.  This means that if all the DNA samples for your test arrive at our UK laboratory before 10am, we aim to send the test result to you by the end of the next working day by email (also please see our FAQs).

DNA relationship testing can be a life changing event and we would urge that before ordering a test you think carefully about the potential outcomes and have considered if testing will be in the best interests of the child(ren) involved.

If you have any questions please call our customer services team free on 0800 043 1987.