One in a billion

We profile your DNA and frame the image to create the ultimate portrait of you and a unique piece of DNA art

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One in a Billion DNA profile
One in a billion DNA profile - you are unique


You are unique

Each of us is unique and this is reflected in our genetic makeup, our DNA.  In fact, no two people in the world have the same DNA (except for genetically identical twins!) DNA profiling is a powerful technique used by forensic scientists to record this genetic individuality.  It can tell people apart with exceptional discrimination; the chance of an unrelated person of the general UK population having the same DNA profile is less than one in a billion.

The Perfect Gift

  Just took a DNA test...turns out I'm one in a billion!

What better way to tell someone you think that they're 'one in a billion' than by gifting them a scientific way to prove it. Our framed DNA profile makes a truly unique present. Our kits are packaged in a stylish presentation sleeve and contain a handy booklet to help the recipient understand the significance and the science.

One in a billion - the perfect gift


The Science

DNA profiling uses a set of tests called Short Tandem Repeat (STR) markers which each measure sections of DNA where there is known to be great variability between different people.  Within these sections, short DNA sequences are repeated and the STR tests measure the number of repeats.  The positions of the coloured peaks on the graph record the size of each STR marker, with the number of repeats that this represents recorded above the peak, and in a table at the bottom.

One in a billion fusion DNA profile

The framed DNA profile is produced using a 24 marker system (23 STRs and a test designed to indicate if the person is biologically male or female). Each test can result in one or two peaks because a person has two copies of each marker, one inherited from their mother, one inherited from their father. When there is only one peak it indicates that the same sized marker has been inherited from both parents.

DNA profiling captures the variability in your DNA and provides the gold standard genetic identification test.

Every ‘One in a billion’ framed DNA profile comes with booklet that explains the science behind the profile.

One in a billion profile booklet


How do I get one?

  1. Order online today and we'll send you a 'One in a billion' sample collection kit.
  2. You simply and painlessly take a mouth swab sample - easy to follow instructions are included.
  3. Return your sample with a completed sample collection form to our Laboratory - a prepaid envelope is also provided.
  4. We'll then send the framed DNA profile to the address entered on the collection form.

Framed DNA Profile

One in a billion framed example

  • A 'One in billion' Sampling kit
  • Your sample DNA profiled using the latest profiling technology
  • Laser printed, embossed, A4 image of the DNA profile
  • Quality 310mm x 380mm matt black frame
  • Understanding your 'One in billion' DNA profile booklet
  • Despatched within 10 working days of sample receipt
  • £109


Print only (unframed)

One in a billion unframed example

  • A 'One in a billion' Sampling kit
  • Your sample DNA profiled using the latest profiling technology
  • Laser printed, embossed, A4 image of the DNA profile
  • Understanding your 'One in billion' DNA profile booklet
  • Delivered in a protective envelope
  • Despatched within 10 working days of sample receipt
  • £89


(Prices exclude postage and packaging)

One in a billion twins


Twins Profiles

If you are the proud parents of twins or are a twin yourself and have undertaken Twin DNA testing from DNA at Home we can provide you with a profile image to keep as a permanent scientific record.

Call us on 0800 043 1987 for more information


Data Security

Cellmark is one of the largest DNA profiling laboratories in the world and produces over 150,000 DNA profiles each year for use in police investigations and to help families resolve paternity and relationship disputes.  As you would expect from an ISO 17025 accredited DNA testing company with over three decades of experience, we adhere to strict confidentiality and data security procedures.  We are certified to the data security standard ISO 27001; your DNA information will not be shared with anyone and will be destroyed after testing in line with our Terms and Conditions.