How do I use home DNA test kit?

Detailed instructions are provided with the kit, but in summary it is very easy to take the DNA samples:

  • First complete a sample declaration form for each person being tested.  Please read more about consent here.
  • Then write the name and date of birth for each person on a collection card.
  • Next, swab each person inside their mouth to collect cells and DNA. Rub the swab on the inside of the cheeks for ten seconds.
  • Press each person’s swab firmly onto the pink section of their labelled collection card for 5 seconds (you will first need to open the collection card to reveal the pink paper). Turn the swab and press again for 5 seconds.  The pink paper will turn white where the swab has been pressed and the DNA has been transferred.  Then close the collection card.
  • Finally, place all the collection cards and the sample declaration forms in the prepaid tamper-proof envelope, seal the envelope and put it in the post to return to Cellmark.
  • The swabs should be discarded with your normal rubbish.

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